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Cross-screen ad serving and media management.

ONE by AOL: Ad Server's integrated ad serving solutions enable web publishers, ad networks, agencies and advertisers to manage, serve and report on their online advertising campaigns – including display, video and mobile formats. Learn more about our solutions!





With the Display Module, you can manage complex ad serving processes in real-time. Simple, easy-to-use and scalable. Streamlined workflow, precise forecasting tools and numerous targeting options are only some of the benefits that make working with the Display Module so efficient and profitable.


  • Save time with our efficient workflow and smart tools that allow you to keep an overview of all campaign parameters at all times.
  • Automatic click-tag correction, malware scanner and LIVE Test for a clean, error-free banner booking.
  • Immediate campaign launch: edits and live campaigns can be viewed instantly upon launching as well as be paused and restarted within seconds.
  • Monitor campaign performance in real-time for faster optimization.
  • Maximize profit levels with our unique Inventory Management System and our Automatic Real-Time Optimization.
  • Countless targeting options for even the most complex audience.
  • Customized and interactive reporting so you can see the data that matters the most to your business.

Video Module users don’t need new technical solutions to book video campaigns, but work in the environment they are already familiar with. Your benefit: no extensive migration and no need for additional training. Instead you profit from additional revenues by simply extending your product portfolio.


  • Ad break function to deliver multiple ads in one commercial break
  • Exclusion of competing campaigns
  • Exclusion of multiple delivery of the same ad
  • Built in support of IAB’s VAST 1 and 2 and VAST Wrapper for Third party redirects
  • Support of linear and non linear video advertising
  • Formats: pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlays, combined formats in which video and display ads are synchronized on the website

Ad-ready your apps and web

Our Mobile Module is the simplified way to book mobile campaigns and precisely reach your mobile audience. It's like booking a display campaign only with mobile targeting options. No need to learn additional workflows.

Mobile Features:

  • Targeting by carrier, device, manufacturer, operating system
  • Screen size detection
  • MMA compliant
  • Campaign delivery by campaign priorities, individually configurable
  • Support of mobile mediation partners

Mobile SDK Features:

  • Support of apps for Apple iOS (Version 3.1.2 and higher), Android (Version 2.1 and higher) and Windows Phone 7.5
  • MRAID 2.0 compliant
  • Caching & Offline delivery
  • Full screen overlays with close function
  • Targeting of app name and Mobile SDK version
  • Support of additional key values
  • Ad Refresh for updating the ads after a customizable time period has elapsed
  • Cross app unique user detection

ONE by AOL: Creative



ONE by AOL: Creative is a multifunctional and easy-to-use workflow tool for interactive rich media ads.


  • Seamless push of Rich Media ads
  • Drag-and-drop events, tracking and interactions for easier configuration of ads
  • Built in Ad Previews and testing
  • Collaboration framework for reviewing, editing and approving ads
  • Fast, painless modifications, even on live ads
  • Works with every adserver


  • AS2 component for Adobe® Flash® Professional
  • AS3 component for Adobe® Flash® IDE
  • Adobe Flex®
  • Eclipse JavaScript library for HTML 5


With our Analytics Module you can make well-founded business decisions much faster than using reports and pivot tables – as data analysis usually is done. With only a few clicks you can correlate your network’s campaign parameters and revenue numbers and analyze your data on different levels. Here you get the results that you need for your daily business – fast and straightforward. This is because our Analytics Module is the only business intelligence tool directly connected to an ad server.


  • CPA and Postclick tracking data
  • Analysis on banner level
  • Better overview with new dashboards “Revenue” and “Master data”
  • Optimized user interface

Yield optimization. Brand protection.
Global demand. All in one platform.

One by AOL: Display MP enables publishers to maximize their digital advertising revenue while providing the controls to minimize sales channel conflicts. It is built by industry veterans from and ADTECH, leveraging 15 years of global experience in non-reserved, yield optimization and ad serving technology.

We have developed an in-depth understanding of publisher needs through years of experience working with the largest publishers in the world, including our own. One by AOL: Display MP will be used exclusively to monetize AOL and Huffington Post's non-reserved inventory.

State of the art
Forcasting Engine

ONE by AOL: Ad Server's forecasting engine calculates precise predictions on the number of ad impressions available for specific dates, hours and targeting combinations based on your network's historic data.

Reservation System

Our reservation system simultaneously cross-checks inventory already booked or reserved by overlapping campaigns, taking into account campaign priorities and targeting criteria.

Ad Visibility


Get data that easily translates into money

Get data that easily translates into money With Ad Visibility you can track how often and how long on average an ad appears in the viewable part of the browser. Armed with valuable insight into how your websites, ad units and campaigns are performing, you can optimize their effectiveness and increase your ROI.


How does it work

A visible impression is counted when at least 50% or 37,500 pixels of the ad are visible in the user’s viewport for one second or more.


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